Terms of Service

Terms of Administration

The social events to this plan are the lessor and the inhabitant where IQuickWater is the Lessor and the customer is the leaseholder. The subtleties of the occupant contract are according to the accompanying:

Term/Residency of Arrangement:

This Game plan will begin the date the things (even more totally set out in the Schedule) ( “Product(s)”) are passed on to the Customer and stay in full force and effect until the fixed period [equivalent to the residency of the arrangement that is agreed by the Customer while booking the Product(s)] slips and the Things is returned to IQuick Water, with the exception of whenever finished earlier or loosened up as per the flexi residency technique.

The arrangement will be considerable for a period of a half year.

On the off chance that there ought to emerge an event of early end, the tenant will give at any rate multi month’s warning recorded as a printed copy.

The lease may be connected for a base season of 3 months in the wake of giving multi week’s sooner warning before the completion of the understanding.

Unprecedented Offer subject to change without notice. Uncommon Offer is available for limited period of time.

Authenticity will be influenced from Foundation Date.

Arranged Premises

The said water purifier plant will be conveyed at the tenant’s home. In case, the inhabitant needs to relocate the said purifier, he will give a notice of Seven days to the social occasion of the underlying section to move the equipment. For no circumstance at all will the occupant move the said stuff to some other zone. If the tenant moves the equipment to some other region, all conditions and ensures contained in this plan will be seen as invalid and void.

Security Store

The Occupant will pay a security store as recorded in website and proper at the hour of purchasing in immediately on consenting to of this game plan through on the web/card/cash portion. The occupant favors the lessor to change the said security store to cover any entireties due under this Game plan.

The security store will be limited close to the completion of the completion of this game plan or on early finish of this arrangement whichever is earlier inside 10 days, considering the evaluation of the said gear. On the off chance that there ought to emerge an event of any mischief to the equipment, the same will be recovered from the security store and the balance will be paid to the leaseholder to the properly allotted record by methods for online trade.

Movement of Stuff

On consenting to of this course of action and portion of the security store referred to over, the lessor will pass on the equipment to the inhabitant at the arranged premises. The lessor arrangements the follows

The occupant or his/her representative will be accessible at the arranged premises at the agreed date and time. If the occupant or his/her agent are missing at the territory, the lessor will charge additional material transport charges.

The occupant will evaluate and affirm the said gear at the hour of movement and will recognize the identical after he has satisfied himself of the condition of the equipment. At the point when the occupant recognizes the stuff, in no way, shape or form will he return the said equipment till the finish of this agreement.

The leaseholder will ensure due approvals and supports are given to the lessor for foundation of the said equipment.

If there is a necessity for troublesome work expected to lift the equipment to the premises, a comparable will be borne by the inhabitant.


The Lessor gets that he is the real owner and has the full piece of the booked equipment and is equipped for enter this course of action and ensures that there are no charges that are payable on the same.

The occupant perceives that the lessor has the full piece and duty regarding equipment. The leaseholder will rapidly exhort the lessor if any obligation/lien is told or is undermined with seizure. The Inhabitant will repay and hold the lessor harmless against all mishap and damages achieved by such movement.

The lessor and Inhabitant agree that at no time during this arrangement either unequivocally or surmised that the ownership moves to the occupant at whatever point. The duty regarding arranged equipment is with the Lessor reliably during and after this understanding.

Portion of Lease Rental

The customer will pay the lease rent and all pertinent evaluations as depicted in the high level receipt sent/couriered to him through on the web/card/cash inside 10 days of receipt of the receipt.

In case the customer advantages of any extra/optional organizations, a comparative will be charged in the month to month receipt including every single material obligation.

In case the inhabitant fails to make the portion of lease rental inside the predetermined period of seven days, the lessor will save the choice to genuinely take out the leased stuff from the arranged premises referred to beforehand.

Care of Stuff

The occupant gets that the booked stuff will be used in a wary and real manner and won’t be used at all that is clashing with Leaseholder’s rules or manuals. These fuse yet restricted to:

Utilization of the arranged equipment not worked under normal common water or well water conditions or is presented to temperatures over 40̊

Upkeep of Stuff

The upkeep of the arranged equipment will be done by the lessor during the entire course of this agreement. All common mileage of the stuff will be fixed by the lessor at his own cost. In the event that there ought to emerge an event of any glitch, the leaseholder will illuminate the lessor and the lessor will address the comparable inside 3 working days. The lessor in like manner gets that if the equipment doesn’t work, the lessor won’t charge lease rental for the time span the stuff isn’t working.

In Lessor won’t be competent or committed for any fixes or adjustments made by the occupant without prior created support for things discouraged by suspended matter, energizes or normal matter or advancement, rushes or from dissatisfaction of coming about in light of the shortfall of proper upkeep.

In the event that there ought to be an event of the arranged equipment tumbling due to abusing of the thing by the occupant, or has been presented to manhandle, misapplication, lack of regard, change, setback or movement contrary to our rules, oppositeness with additional items not presented by the lessor, or that have been fixed with portion parts other than those manufactured or procured from the lessor, any charges that form including anyway not limited to work, material, parts and some different things will be borne by the tenant in a manner of speaking.

In case of any issue the equipment doesn’t work adequately due to no issue of the customer, the thing will be replaced by Lessor to no detriment to the inhabitant.

Re-stimulate and Installments

The occupant necessities to have both Balance and Authenticity in his record for him to have the choice to use the Purifier.

The Specific Re-stimulate Plans which a customer is equipped for will be showed up on his Arrangement.

As far as possible for a 6 months plan will be appropriate on full portion for a half year and the security store figuratively speaking.

The Inhabitant can utilize the purifier as long as he wishes to and pays the lease for it as referenced in the understanding.

Enrollment Cycle

The customer’s enrollment/rental cycle starts the date iQuick Water purifier is acquainted with his/her home. The enrollment/rental cycle is by then, one month from that date. Coming about month/s participation/rental cycle will start from the uncommonly following day of the past cycle wraps up.


If the Customer wishes to move the Product(s) from the enlisted address, a requesting will be made to iQuick Water multi week or seven days going before the date the Customer wishes to move the Thing close by the area confirmation of the new area. At the point when the requesting is raised, iQuick Water will move the Thing through its personnel simply as indicated by the generally picked date with the Customer. Movement will be needy upon viable check of the KYC of the Customer’s new area and usefulness of the new zone. In the event, the zone isn’t helpful by iQuick Water, the same will be treated as early finish of the Course of action as per the Flexi Residency System and the rental commitment will be payable as per the Flexi Residency Methodology.

Constraint of Use

The occupant arrangements that he will use the stuff only for local purposes. The equipment will be managed just by individuals endorsed by the inhabitant for cautiously legal purposes.

Mischief and Hardship Technique

The occupant arrangements that if there ought to emerge an event of any enduring mischief on account of heedlessness making the thing unusable, adversity or theft of the booked equipment, paying little notice to cause or fault, he will make incredible the aggregate at its legit evaluation as directed by the lessor. The occupant is at risk for the secured keeping of the booked stuff and will teach the lessor in regards to any mischief or theft immediately.

The Occupant also embraces to bear the costs including yet not limited to:

Loss of, or damage or fix to the Stuff, loss of use, reducing of the Equipment’s worth achieved by mischief to it or fix to it.

Costs to maintain such charges including administrative charges for dealing with the case and authentic expenses.

Charges for late return of the Equipment will be relevant as per the plan of the association.

All fines, disciplines, court costs and various expenses relating to the Equipment reviewed against Transporter or the Stuff during the rental Term.

All costs Lessor achieves as a result of Tenant’s failure to reestablish the Stuff recollecting costs for finding and recovering the equipment

All costs achieved to accumulate ignored monies due; the portion for any enduring mischief/disaster will be paid quickly and this arrangement will end on the portion of the same.


The lessor will reimburse, defend and hold harmless the lessor from and against any case, solicitation, and purpose behind action, adversity or danger (tallying legal counselor’s charges and expenses of indictment) for any property damage or individual injury rising up out of Customer’s use of the booked stuff by any explanation. The lessor can’t and won’t be held in danger for any problem or affliction due to the usage of drinking water from the water purifier given by the lessor since the lessor doesn’t have any control over the upkeep and utilization of the water purifier. The plans of this arrangement will bear the finish of this simultaneous concerning any cases or commitment amassing before such end. In no event will the lessor be in danger for any underhanded, unprecedented or profound setback or damages arising out of customer’s usage of stuff, including anyway not limited to incident advantages and hardship pay.


This arrangement may be reestablished by giving seven days’ notice by either party under comparable terms and conditions.


This arrangement may be finished in any of the going with propensities:

On summit of this course of action the Inhabitant doesn’t restore the agreement and returns the arranged stuff to the lessor.

Non Portion of lease rentals.

Lessor/Occupant inability to continue with the understanding resulting to giving 7 days’ notice to either party.

Incident or ceaseless damage to the booked stuff.

In case of “a”, “b” and “c” over the course of action will be finished on the completing of the going with:

Returning of the arranged equipment according to the overall tendency of the lessor from the booked premises figuratively speaking. In the event that there ought to emerge an event of trademark mileage the lessor will recognize the stuff and rebate the security store.

On the off chance that there ought to emerge an event of Non Portion of lease rental or by virtue of early end, the harmony lease rental due will be deducted from the security store and the balance if any will be limited to the occupant.

On the off chance that there ought to be an event of disaster or enduring damage, the occupant will pay the lessor the full market regard and the arrangement will by then end.


No failure of Lessor to practice or actualize any of its advantages under this Agreement will go about as waiver of following infiltrates; and the waiver of any break won’t go probably as a waiver of coming about breaks. Lessor’s affirmation of portion with data on a default by customer won’t involve a waiver of any break.

Managing Law and District

This course of action will be assembled and unraveled according to the laws of India. The courts is Bangalore alone, will have domain to endeavor any challenge arising out of this Arrangement.


In the event any course of action of this agreement is held by a court or other committee of fit ward to be enforceable, that game plan will be actualized furthest extent passable under material law, and various game plans of this game plan will remain in full force and effect. The social affairs further agree that in the event such game plan is an essential piece of this Agreement, they will begin trades for a suitable replacement course of action.

Whole Course of action

This Course of action tends to the entire understanding relating to the subject about and beats any prior or contemporaneous, conflicting or additional correspondences. This arrangement should be changed by a formed correction embraced by the get-together against whom approval of such change is searched for.


Customer may not, without the prior made consent out of Inhabitant, move or give out this Arrangement or any part thereof. Any undertaking to do so will be a material default of this game plan and will be void and will be named as ‘unlawful’ under relevant laws.


The lessor expects no danger with respect to this water purifier other than showed along these lines. This arrangement is in lieu of any leftover ensures whether imparted or recommended, including ensures for a particular explanation. The lessor doesn’t endorse any individual or representative to expect for them some different responsibilities for the good of they. In no way, shape or form are the terms referred to above begging to be proven wrong and no laborer of the Lessor or its representatives has the situation to replace them.

Power Majeure

The lessor won’t be viewed as responsible for such frustrations which are an outcome of such Force Majeure yet not confined to floods, seismic quakes, transportation strikes, work inquiries with outside suppliers or some other condition outside the capacity to control of the lessor.